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Changchai's new products appear in the agricultural opportunity

at the 2003 national agricultural machinery products order fair and the 7th China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition held not long ago, Changchai's newly developed L series, R series, H series and F series new products appeared on the stage, attracting the interest of visitors

the national agricultural machinery products order Fair has been held for 45 years. It is not only a display stage and an important circulation mode for the agricultural machinery industry to provide users with agricultural machinery products, but also an important bridge to communicate the production and circulation of agricultural machinery products. At the previous ordering meetings, the manufacturers of agricultural machinery products have tried their best to attract the participating dealers. At this year's order meeting, both visitors and dealers will find that single cylinder diesel engine manufacturers attach great importance to this opportunity. In order to try to attract the attention of the participants, they are very willing to invest in the production and scale of the booth, and 60% of the diesel engines produced by these exhibitors are "Chang Mou" brands

all this shows that private enterprises have formed a youth momentum of "rural encirclement of the city" for Changchai, and only carried out heroic struggle

in order to open up the technological gap with these enterprises with the prefix "Chang", the products exhibited by Chang Chai company are concentrated in the word "new". Chang Chai's new processes, new technologies and new products are brought into full play in one new product after another, which makes visitors dizzy. Among them, the most beautiful is the h18 low emission environmental friendly diesel engine developed with new technology, Some insiders lingered in front of this new model, which represents the development trend of domestic single cylinder diesel engine in the future, trying to explore its internal mystery. In addition, the external treatment of Changchai products in this exhibition adopts powder spraying and split paint technology, which makes Changchai products reach a new level in the external image. However, in terms of its testing process, the emergence of new members L26, L28 and L30 of the L series diesel engine family is one of the highlights for peer manufacturers and dealers

in order to understand the development trend of agricultural machinery in the future and the product trend of various manufacturers, leaders of Changchai company and heads of major departments went to the exhibition one after another. A leader of the company said that Changchai will unswervingly follow the road of innovation in the future. Through the adjustment of product structure, Changchai will open the brand differences with its competitors with technological progress and leading technology, so as to get rid of the intrusion of imitation caused by the low quality of many "Chang" prefix Enterprises, which indicates that the braking capacity of semi-metallic materials is poor, highlight the siege of low-cost competition, and break through a development road oriented to agricultural modernization with technological progress as the main line

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