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Plastic industry: opportunities and risks coexist

at present, the plastic industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties, that is, the price of crude oil is still high, leading to the high price of plastic raw materials. According to the situation in previous years, we never hope to produce bioabsorbable implant samples for a long time, causing a special difficult period in the plastic processing industry (this intermediate industry). Nevertheless, everyone is actively looking for solutions to difficulties, such as the substitution of low-cost varieties, which leads to the shortage of recycled plastics, and even shouting "XX" where recycled materials are in urgent need! Cry of. At the same time, we also see that the renewable material business is really still going on this year. If we don't know this reality, we will miss a good opportunity - regret! Blindly follow - regret again, can't lose the opportunity to adjust their own development trajectory - it's too late to regret! Enterprises with development vision always look ahead and backward, and display their talents in the field of plastic processing. The blade stiffness and chemical resistance have not been adversely affected. The reason why the plastic processing industry is called a sunrise industry is not only that she is young and has attractive "qualities". For example, the arbitrariness of density, mechanical strength, color, simple and accurate molding performance is unmatched by many processing industries, and she has penetrated into almost all industries. We should also see that the plastic processing industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties, but also faces this good opportunity for development. In the face of difficulties, there will be changes in finding ideas to survive, which will definitely be a qualitative leap. For example, the generalization of engineering plastics - the application of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene in the wear-resistant industry, the application of plastic composite technology - composite plastic beer bottles (the test steps of hydraulic universal testing machine and the relevant introduction of oil pump commissioning have not been widely promoted), plastic/wood powder composite doors and windows are making rapid progress, and the application of conductive plastics is developing rapidly,,,,. So the plastic industry is facing difficulties - reality! The plastic industry contains vitality - it is also a reality, and the plastic industry has developed in difficulties - it is even more inevitable

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