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Opportunities and challenges of new energy industry

the 2011 China (Chengdu) international circular economy industry expo, jointly organized by China energy conservation and Environmental Protection Corporation, China industrial energy conservation and cleaner production association, Chengdu municipal government, and the European Chinese joint chamber of Commerce, was held in Chengdu from the 19th to the 21st. During this period, Si Zefu, general manager of Dongfang Electric Group, accepted our exclusive interview on the opportunities and challenges of the new energy industry. He said that the development space of China's new energy industry is huge, and at the same time, it needs government policy support; Facing the pressure of declining profit margins in the wind power industry, Si Zefu said that this was temporary. Dongfang Electric did not pursue the scale of the enterprise, but rather the stability and safety of products

the new energy industry should pay attention to cleanliness, safety and efficiency

Si Zefu said that China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry has a lot of room for development, and the issue of energy security is closely related to everyone. New energy is the best choice to replace traditional energy

first of all, the key problem in developing new energy is how to reduce the cost and improve its safety, which poses a great challenge to the manufacturing industry. How to deal with this challenge and make adjustments is an opportunity for Dongfang Electric

secondly, the national support policies for new energy and environmental protection industries are indispensable and will not change little due to resistance. For example, solar energy now needs policy support. When the solar energy industry develops steadily, these supporting policies can be reduced successively

moreover, for new energy enterprises, we should focus on safe, clean and efficient development

pursue the stability and safety of products

in recent years, the competition in the wind power market is very fierce, the price of wind turbines continues to fall, and the profit margin of the wind power industry designed for the requirements of hard polymers has declined. Facing the pressure that manufacturing is the key area to encourage foreign investment this time, szev believes that for an industry, there will be some challenges and pressures at any stage of development. The first is the challenge from consumers, whether the quality and safety of products can be trusted by consumers; The second is the challenge of the current economic situation. Economic trends determine whether the industry can continue to develop; Third, the challenge of fierce market competition, which makes enterprises every step behind, are likely to be eliminated. For Dongfang Electric, these three challenges exist

szev said that although Dongfang Electric started relatively late, the company will pursue sustainable development in the future. Dongfang Electric is an enterprise mainly engaged in power equipment. It has a deeper understanding of electricity and stronger ability to industrialize. At this stage, it does not pursue the scale of the enterprise, but the stability and safety of products, so as to bring better benefits to users. It is believed that the unfavorable situation of the current wind power market can be reversed in the short term

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