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Opportunities and challenges for powder coating enterprises in 2010

in 2008, China's powder coating industry experienced the baptism of "ice and fire" with the rapid changes in the national economic situation. The impact of the financial crisis on China's powder coating industry has been apparent since the beginning of 2008, but there is still a boom cycle of rapid growth from January to September, with a sharp decline in production from October to December and a sharp decline in benefits. After years of rapid development, China's powder coating industry first experienced a year-on-year negative growth from October to December 2008. The statistical results show that the total sales volume of thermosetting powder coatings in China in 2008 was 720000 tons, a good reputation, an increase of only 5.9% compared with 2007, and achieved sales revenue of more than 12 billion yuan. In 2009, with the rapid experimental speed of rope, this kind of hextow hm63 is a kind of high modulus carbon fiber belt, silk, rubber, plastic and other materials with tensile strength higher than the existing HM fiber. China's foreign trade export has been warming up step by step, and the development trend of the powder bending and compression resistant coating industry has picked up slightly. However, due to the characteristics of China's powder coating industry and the decline of the total market demand, The situation of powder coating market in 2009 is not optimistic. The phenomenon of overcapacity in the industry is serious, and disorderly competition of products still exists. After the baptism of the financial crisis, some small and medium-sized enterprises in China's powder coating industry withdrew from the industry competition due to huge pressure. Large and medium-sized enterprises pay more attention to their own construction to prepare for the upcoming development of the industry. It has been several months since 2010. The world economic forum year was also held in Davos, Switzerland, from January 27 to 30. Years ago, the financial crisis and even the economic crisis were far from bottoming out; Now many economies are showing signs of recovery

looking back on China's powder coating industry, what is the situation facing the economic crisis? Under the severe economic situation, China's powder coating industry felt a violent impact in 2008. In 2009, driven by the introduction of a series of national policies and economic "recovery", powder coating has gone through the first year after the crisis. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association conducted in-depth investigations on powder coating enterprises all over China, and tracked the survival status of powder raw materials and production enterprises all over the country. At the beginning of the 2010 new year, Wang peiguo, general manager of Jinshi powder coatings, who produces powder coatings, was appointed to investigate the market situation of powder coatings in Tianjin. Since 2007, with the rapid economic development of the Bohai Rim region, the regional distribution of powder coatings in China has gradually changed from the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta to the three pillars of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim region. The powder Market in Tianjin is mainly the application of export furniture, bicycles, electric vehicles, heating equipment and other export machinery and equipment. Under the influence of the financial crisis, the Tianjin powder coating market is mixed. The export recovery in 2009 led to some export enterprises. The bicycle and electric vehicle market gradually cooled after the crazy promotion in 2009, and it will not be very optimistic in 2010. Tianjin Binhai has developed very rapidly, but its pull on powder is limited. The development of Tianjin powder still depends on the development of Tianjin processing and manufacturing industry. At the time of the most serious economic crisis, Tianjin powder market did not feel the crisis. Instead, it felt like a wolf came in 2010. Representative powder coating plants in Tianjin include: Tianjin Xiangsheng powder coating

in view of the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on the powder coating market in the past three years, Wang peiguo, general manager of Tianjin Jinshi powder coating Co., Ltd., said: our enterprise had little difficulty in the worst financial crisis! Only the output decreased by about 20%! However, the price of raw materials fell sharply, costs decreased and profits increased. After the Spring Festival in 2009, with the introduction of the national economic stimulus policy, output rebounded and enterprises operated well. However, with the introduction of the policy, the survival of enterprises will face a test. In 2009, enterprises that were stimulated by the policy also expanded their production capacity to meet the demand. When the policy was introduced, the already excess production capacity became more excess. Recently, the price of raw materials has risen again. Epoxy has risen from about 11000 yuan/ton in January 2009 to 19000 yuan/ton now, polyester has also risen from 11500 yuan/ton to 15000 yuan/ton, while the demand for powder in the manufacturing industry is shrinking We can imagine the pressure of enterprises. In 2010, we were most worried about the rising price of raw materials, but the demand came down. In 2010, the Tianjin powder coating market continued to face challenges. When talking about the expectation of Tianjin powder coating market in 2010, Wang peiguo said that the powder Market in 2010 felt bad. Recently, raw materials rose sharply and cost pressure was huge. With the withdrawal of various policies, the problem of overcapacity in the market will be more obvious, and some enterprises with poor strength will face difficulties, which will affect the capital of enterprises! 2010 may be a difficult year for enterprises! The recent surge in raw materials is not a good phenomenon. In the absence of real economic recovery, demand has reached a peak in 2009 under the stimulus of killing the goose that lays the golden egg

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