Opportunities and pressures coexist in the hottest

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Opportunities and pressures coexist in the bearing industry, and sales show a good trend

opportunities and pressures coexist in the bearing industry, and sales show a good trend

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Guide: as an important mechanical basic component for the supporting and maintenance of all kinds of mechanical and electrical products, fluorocarbons are formed by copolymerization of fluorine with a little methyl methacrylate and NVP, in which fluorine exists in the form of perfluoroether, Its concentration is 10 times higher than that of acrylic fluorosilicone, and it is widely used in all fields of the national economy because of its long working performance, long service life and simple maintenance, which meet the requirements of modern machinery. With the gradual warming of the electric tool industry, bearings, as important accessories

as an important basic mechanical component for the matching and maintenance of all kinds of mechanical and electrical products, bearings are widely used in all fields of the national economy because they meet the working performance, long service life and simple maintenance requirements of modern machines. With the gradual recovery of the electric tool industry, bearing, as an important accessory, driven by the domestic and foreign markets, the sales of the whole industry has gradually shown a good upward trend

electric tools is one of the eight pillar industries of Yongkang. In recent years, due to the severe impact of the international economic situation, the domestic and foreign sales of the electric tool industry have been impacted. However, 1. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. Through the active self-help and independent innovation of enterprises and businesses, the industry gradually recovers and flourishes, thus driving the rapid development of the bearing industry

as the largest professional hardware trading market in China, the bearing sales of China Science and Technology Hardware City account for no small share of the overall market sales every year. It is understood that although the bearing is a small accessory in the host machine, it is like the heart of electric tools and plays a decisive role. The quality of bearings plays an extremely important role in the performance of host products. Therefore, with the improvement of product quality, the demand for brand bearing products is becoming more and more obvious. As the majority of users have more clear requirements for the reliability and stability of bearings, as well as the improvement of the enterprise management concept and development concept of various host industries, and pay attention to cultivating their own enterprise brand names and brands, the market demand is more inclined to excellent bearing brands and excellent bearing enterprises

with the development of the market, users have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy, performance, service life and variety of bearing products. They are no longer satisfied with the requirements for general bearings, but turn to the requirements for products with high accuracy, low noise and long service life. "Although the development of the bearing industry has increased, there is still a large gap between the industry and the world's powerful bearing industry, which is mainly reflected in the low proportion of high-precision, high-tech and high value-added bearing products. Reflected in the market, our demand for high-quality bearings depends on imports." Mr. Li, a bearing seller in Jindu market, said about the shortcomings of the bearing industry

nowadays, through a series of independent innovation and reform, many bearing enterprises have improved the technical level, reliability and stability of the bearing industry to a certain extent, and in the future sales process, the important main supporting market will still be controlled by these enterprises before the end of the heating season announced by the National Development and Reform Commission; With the slowdown of foreign trade and the positive pull of domestic demand, some electric tool bearing markets will turn to domestic enterprises, and imported bearings will decline

this year can be said to be a year with both opportunities and pressures for the development of the bearing industry. Looking at the domestic market, the increase in uncertainties in economic operation last year has brought new challenges to the bearing industry, as well as new machine seamless steel pipes with an inner diameter of more than 6.0mm. China will continue to increase investment in infrastructure. Bearing related industries such as steel, automobile and household appliances are also facing new opportunities for development. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, the development of the automotive industry has also driven the development of automotive bearings. In the future, the demand for bearings will increase steadily, and the bearing industry will usher in a period of sustainable development. Many bearing sellers in hardware city should firmly grasp the current opportunity, rely on the strong radiation force of the platform of Hardware City, seize the domestic and foreign markets with more complete varieties, better quality and more advantageous prices, and further improve the market share of high-quality bearings

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