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The development trend of cultural creativity in the printing industry

on the basis of the steady development in 2011, what kind of extension trend will the printing industry present in 2012? Zhangshuangru, executive vice president of China Printing Technology Association, told the media that the printing industry will continue to develop steadily in 2012. Of course, the rate of steady development will be higher than that of the entire national economy. I personally expect to maintain double-digit growth. Zhangshuangru is so optimistic about the development prospect of the printing industry because there are three reasons to support his analysis results

reason 1: the cultural market will usher in a high consumption period. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the cultural industry should achieve leapfrog development and become a pillar industry of the national economy in 2016. As an important part of the cultural industry, the printing industry still has a lot of room for development

zhangshuangru said: judging from the main decisions of the central economic work conference just concluded, it should be said that we still attach great importance to stimulating our domestic demand. The decision on several major issues concerning deepening the reform of the cultural system and promoting the great development and prosperity of socialist culture adopted at the Sixth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has also brought unprecedented development opportunities to the printing industry, an important part of the cultural industry. With the improvement of people's living standards and the great development and prosperity of culture, people will usher in a period of high consumption in cultural consumption

then, where is the consumption power of the cultural market? Zhangshuangru said that China has a huge economy. If the output voltage of the amplifier is unstable, the majority of rural areas and farmers will drive the growth of domestic demand of rural areas and farmers, then China's economic growth will have a large space for development. He said: in terms of cultural demand, the urbanization of rural areas will give a big pull to the market in terms of farmers' demand for cultural books, science and technology, etc. even if there is only a little increase in this respect, the phase number is not small

zhangshuangru also said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the General Administration of publishing implemented important measures to drive the development of the printing industry by implementing major projects and introduced supporting policies to guide the industry to achieve transformation and upgrading, creating a good cultural atmosphere and market policy environment for the development of the printing industry. The concept of green, creative and harmonious development of the printing industry has opened a smart gate for the development of the printing industry, The promotion of the green printing industry will not only promote the development of printing enterprises by leaps and bounds, but also affect the expansive and rapid development of the industrial chain of equipment, equipment, publishing, packaging and personalized printing products that contain green printing technology and meet environmental protection requirements

reason 2: the adjustment is stronger than that in 2011

throughout 2011, China's printing industry has been in a period of strategic adjustment and transformation. Arkema's high-performance materials and special industries department performed well in the third quarter. What chemical changes will happen to the adjustment tone of internal integration, mergers and acquisitions among enterprises, and enterprise product structure adjustment in 2012? Zhangshuangru believes that it should be stronger than 2011. 2012 is an era when the printing industry is turbulent and divided, and the strong are stronger

he said: now the printing industry has entered a period of adjustment. At the end of 2011, the General Administration of publication issued the measures for the management of national printing replication demonstration enterprises. Hydraulic system: on the basis of national macro-control, this method is a policy to guide the printing industry to continue to integrate and adjust. This policy has just been introduced, and its fermentation effect will be stronger than that in 2011

zhangshuangru said that macro-control, industry integration and industrial structure adjustment are good for high-quality enterprises and usher in development opportunities. For those enterprises with poor conditions, it must be a difficult time. These enterprises should take stock of the situation and turn around what they can and retreat what they can. In particular, the backward production capacity should be eliminated. This is good for the purification of the whole printing industry and the development of high-quality enterprises. Therefore, he said that 2012 was a year of turbulence and differentiation in the printing industry

the reason why the strong are stronger is that zhangshuangru said that the printing industry in China is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and large groups and enterprises account for a small proportion. However, from the perspective of development trend and national policy guidance, it is necessary to develop large enterprise groups and large enterprises. After years of development practice, it has been proved that the larger the printing enterprise, the more rapid the development, the better the conditions, and the greater the national policy support, the stronger the advantage is very obvious

reason 3: give more opportunities to enterprises that are ready

at the end of 2011, the SASAC sent a signal to the central enterprises to fully understand the seriousness and urgency of the current situation, and make preparations for overcoming difficulties and winter in three to five years. This is a judgment of SASAC on the overall situation of the global economy, and it is aimed at the central enterprises. China publishing daily has observed that since the second half of 2011, the bosses of many printing related enterprises have talked about the awareness of enterprises to spend the winter together in their microblogs. They believe that according to many uncertain factors in the international economic environment, the pace of global economic recovery is still sluggish, and the domestic economy is in the transition period. With the decline of purchasing power, the living environment of enterprises will become more severe in 2012

Zhang shuangru believes that this winter is not the same as the winter in 2008 during the international financial crisis. Even in 2008 and 2009 during the international financial crisis, China's printing industry did not show a downward trend and still maintained a steady growth. In response, he said: we will not be disturbed by the international economic turmoil. We will have our own steady development trend

looking forward to 2012, as far as the printing industry is concerned, cultural creativity will change the concept and scope of traditional printing and promote the transformation of traditional printing enterprises. The rapid growth of personalized demand will open a broad development channel for digital printing. Cultural going out will also bring huge development opportunities for export-oriented printing enterprises. Zhangshuangru said that these development opportunities are created for enterprises that are ready. 2012 is a good year for the development of high-quality enterprises and large enterprises. With the implementation of the national regulation and control policy, it is an opportunity for the printing enterprises that are not prepared or do not have the advantageous development conditions to change careers or implement the withdrawal strategy

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