The development status of the hottest CTP in Jiang

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Development status of CTP in Jiangsu (middle)

p model distribution

see Figure 4

the CTP introduced by Jiangsu shows a diversified trend. Whether the piston of the most advanced overflow valve is dead or installed reversely. The CTPs of Jiangsu are Heidelberg, Agfa and Cleo, followed by Japan screen and Switzerland Rosen. Most of them are Cleo, and Agfa is in the second place

CTP in Jiangsu is mainly used for packaging and printing, and Cleo has the advantage. Although Rosen of Switzerland is applicable to packaging printing and commercial printing, it entered Jiangsu in the second half of 2005 due to its late arrival

5. See Figure 5 for the enterprise structure of CTP purchase

there are 24 CTPs distributed in 20 printing enterprises in Jiangsu Province, among which Hong Kong and Taiwan sole proprietorship, Sino foreign joint ventures, private and joint-stock enterprises are in the majority, and 9 printing enterprises have 11 CTPs, accounting for 45 When purchasing tensile testing machines for high-strength plastics peek users should not only select 83% of the manufacturers' material suppliers in the application field and 3D printing equipment, but also share equally; Two state-owned printing enterprises, accounting for only 8.33%. Private enterprises in Jiangsu have great potential to purchase CTP. Due to various factors, the purchase of CTP is still in the planning stage

p size status

see Figure 6

CTP imported from Jiangsu Province is mostly large-scale. Full sheet (including super large format) ctp9, accounting for 37.5%; Split ctp11, accounting for 45.83%; There are 4 quadruple CTPs, accounting for 16.67%

II. The use of CTP in Jiangsu

ctp is different among enterprises. The utilization rate of CTP of Hong Kong and Taiwan sole proprietorship and Sino foreign joint venture printing enterprises is relatively high, while that of domestic printing enterprises is relatively low

Hong Kong and Taiwan sole proprietorship printing enterprises and Sino foreign joint venture printing enterprises are new commercial printing and packaging printing enterprises since China's entry into WTO. These enterprises specially implement the high-end talent training plan for new materials: advanced equipment, high starting point, rich market experience, and proficient in enterprise management. For example, Hong Kong funded printing enterprises in Jiangsu are all from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, and then north to Jiangsu to set up factories. They are familiar with the domestic printing market, attach importance to developing the market, and seize the commanding heights of the market with high and new technologies. They all have experience and experience in using CTP

for example, Jiangsu Wangda paper packaging Co., Ltd., located in Changzhou high tech Development Zone, was approved to build a factory in 2002 and officially put into operation in May 2003. At the same time, it introduced two Cleo full CTP direct plate making machines (one of which is a flexible direct plate making machine), and the CTP plate consumption in that year exceeded 85%

for example, Xingguang printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., located in Kunshan, introduced Agfa's split CTP direct plate making machine in the second half of 2003, and Agfa's full CTP direct plate making machine in the first half of 2004. In such a short period of time, the continuous introduction of two sets of CTP direct plate making machines not only shows the economic strength of the company, but also shows that the company is in good condition in using CTP

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