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Analysis on the development status and market prospect of China's quality inspection and testing industry in 2018

quality inspection refers to checking and verifying whether the product or service quality meets the requirements. The left part is part of the bending test; The electromechanical control and loading system device is at the lower part of the main engine to control the specified activities. It is divided into air quality inspection, engineering quality inspection, product quality inspection, environmental quality inspection, etc. Quality inspection can sometimes be called test or experiment, which refers to the technical operation to determine one or more characteristics or performances of a given product, material, equipment, organism, physical phenomenon, process or service according to the specified procedures. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results to a certain extent, it must be carried out within the specified test range and in accordance with the specified procedures. The test results shall be recorded, usually in the form of test report or test certificate

at present, China's economic development has promoted the rapid development of the quality inspection and testing industry. With the market access of the testing industry in various countries, the business of the testing industry has gradually become market-oriented. Quality inspection in China is mainly composed of state-owned institutions, private institutions and foreign-funded institutions. Among them, state-owned institutions have abundant funds, advanced equipment, complete service items and a wide range of services, and have undertaken mandatory quality inspection and testing tasks. However, the demand for quality inspection in other fields has also increased greatly. At present, there are few leading enterprises in the industry, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises, and the competition is fierce

in terms of the number of reports issued, the whole industry issued 376million inspection and testing reports to the society in 2017, with an average of 1.03 million reports issued to the society every day, which shows that the quality inspection industry has a great contribution and impact on the society. In terms of the number of inspection institutions, in 2017, the number of quality inspection institutions in China reached 36300, an increase of 3092 compared with 2016, and the durability of operation life is relatively high

although in some fields, such as food, new materials and other industries, China's inspection and detection technology has been ahead of the world, but it is not a "world power". However, China is moving forward to become a quality power, actively improving the outstanding problems faced by the industry, building a global brand and a national flagship team, and cultivating relatively professional and large quality inspection institutions in concentrated fields

the technical field continues to expand, and the scale of the quality inspection industry will further expand

in recent years, the field of quality inspection and testing in China has gradually extended. With the progress of quality inspection and testing technology and the improvement of R & D level, metrology and testing are constantly breaking through the traditional category, and gradually forming a new field. For example, in the field of bioengineering and environmental protection, the measurement and testing of biological current and biological magnetic field, the detection of brain nerve activity, the decoding of genetic code, and the national promotion of environmental protection have made the quality inspection industry pay attention to the measurement and testing in the field of environmental engineering

in addition, China's quality inspection and detection means may also be subverted. In today's networked era, under the background of the success and breakthrough of artificial intelligence and interconnection, the development of measurement and testing technology is naturally inseparable from interconnection. Networked measurement and control has become an inevitable trend in the development of measurement and detection technology

from the perspective of inspection and testing market scale, China has become a "world power" in the industry. With the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance for 17 years, the inspection and testing business volume has exceeded 300billion yuan. Due to the low "threshold" of inspection and testing access, in recent years, the number of private inspection and testing institutions has increased rapidly, becoming a new force to promote the development of inspection and testing market

at the same time, the market scale of China's quality inspection and testing industry has been rising. In 2017, the market scale of China's quality inspection and testing industry reached 2632 5.2 billion yuan until there is 5.8 mm exposed in front of the nose, an increase of 27.48% over the previous year. In combination with the development prospects in recent years, it is expected that the demand for quality inspection industry from all aspects of social development in the future will still increase, and the market scale will further expand. According to the average growth rate this year, the market scale of the industry is expected to reach 480billion yuan

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