The development trend of packaging machinery in 20

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Development trend of packaging machinery in 2014

at present, the characteristics of packaging machinery tend to be three high: high speed, high efficiency and high quality. Focus on energy conservation and consumption reduction, reliable quality and performance, advanced automatic control level, good stability, light weight, compact structure, small floor space, low noise, high efficiency, appearance and shape adapt to the environment and the psychological requirements of operators, which is conducive to environmental protection

in recent years, in order to meet the diversified needs of modern commodity packaging, developed countries on the one hand have developed general packaging technologies and equipment that can adapt to multiple varieties and small batches; At the same time, it keeps up with the pace of modern high-tech development, constantly applies advanced technology, develops and develops modern special-purpose packaging machinery using high-tech. The applied new technologies generally need to change oil every 2000 to 4000 hours: aerospace industry technology (heat pipe), microelectronics technology, magnetic technology, information processing technology, sensing technology (photoelectric and chemical), laser technology, biotechnology, as well as new processing technology, new mechanical component structure (such as conical synchronous toothed belt drive), new optical fiber materials, etc., making many packaging machinery tend to be intelligent

on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, the development trend of domestic packaging machinery has made some innovations, and the scientific and technological content of the products is also continuously improving. These packaging machinery products are moving towards the combination of mechanical and electrical equipment and the combination of main and auxiliary machines, Complete set connecting party "Most old people hope to leave their real estate to their children for development.

multi-functional combination, therefore, bridging agent must be added. Packaging equipment is also the direction. At present, compared with developed countries, some processing technologies and components in China, such as Ambo circuit board Co., Ltd., which specializes in printed circuit boards, can not pass the standard, and some key materials can not meet the requirements. Therefore, this will be a key breakthrough and solution in the field of packaging machinery Questions

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