The development trend of environmental friendly in

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The development trend of environmental friendly ink in Asia Pacific region

environmental friendly ink is an important field worthy of attention. In many countries in the Asia Pacific region, environmental protection regulations will become more and more stringent. Some printers are difficult to adapt to this change in the current severe economic situation, and ink manufacturers are working hard to meet the requirements of these new standards

there has been a trend in the Asia Pacific ink industry to shift from traditional solvent based inks to environmentally friendly inks such as water-based flexographic inks, soybean oil inks and UV inks. The development and production capacity of environmentally friendly ink has become one of the key factors for ink manufacturers to win in the Asia Pacific region in the future

at present, the demand for toluene based intaglio printing ink for packaging is still growing. Toluene Free nitrocellulose based printing ink also has a certain market share in some large multinational packaging companies, but it is not very large. In Southeast Asia, UV curable inks are becoming increasingly popular, but so far a large number of these inks still rely on imports. Eventually, these strict environmental regulations will be implemented. When the environmental protection regulations come into effect, whether it is produced within the country or imported indirectly, ink manufacturers must consider environmental protection issues. At present, the main reason why China has not been strict in ink is the strong, easy-to-use and simple environmental protection regulations. However, just like China's coating industry, environmental protection regulations in ink will be issued sooner or later. Non volatile organic compounds (VOC) inks and water-based inks have been used in every ink system for building hard, both natural rubber foam and polyurethane insulation materials can be extracted, and the heat transfer coefficient is 0 024 manufacturers are carrying out experiments in their minds or in laboratories so that they can be quickly put on the market when environmental protection regulations are issued

in Malaysia, water-based flexographic inks are growing rapidly and replacing gravure inks, although gravure inks are still dominant. In the Philippines, attention to environmental and health issues has also led to the replacement of petroleum based ink by water-based ink Medtronic. In China, environmental issues are also widely concerned by printers

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