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Huasan made a wonderful appearance at the ctiforum of China sdn/nfv Conference on April 28 (Liwenjie): from April 23 to 24, the second China sdn/nfv conference was grandly held in Beijing. Experts and representatives from domestic and foreign operators, equipment manufacturers, enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities conducted in-depth discussions on the application and development trend of software defined network (SDN) and network function Virtualization (nfv). Hangzhou H3C delivered a speech at the meeting, shared H3C's thinking and Practice on SDN and nfv to the participants, and once again let everyone feel the strength and advantages of H3C in this field

the China sdn/nfv conference was jointly organized by the information and communication network technology committee of the China Communications Society and the IP and Multimedia Technology Working Committee of the China Communications Standardization Association, and has a strong influence in the industry. Can SDN and nfv get the market share of Dongli PPS Composites expected to reach 30%? Select SDN and nfv? How to successfully deploy SDN and even nfv in some places? And many other issues are the focus of the conference

as a new IT infrastructure supplier, H3C has always maintained a leading position in the sdn/nfv field. It has not only launched a full range of commercially available SDN solutions, but also unified 1 The instrument has been strictly checked and qualified when leaving the factory. It supports SDN, openflow and other technologies. By deploying switches and SDN controllers that support SDN technology, it provides advanced and reliable solutions for parks, local areas and data centers to help users achieve higher network value. H3C has also launched the overlay solution and carried out nfv practice through the VSR solution. H3C's SDN solution has also been successfully applied in the fields of enterprise cloud platform and data center

in his speech at the conference, Zhonghua San said that under the overall trend of software defined network, how to integrate SDN, nfv, NV and other technologies is one of the key issues in the application of network technology in the future. In this regard, the VCF architecture newly proposed by H3C supports and integrates various underlying network architectures such as traditional network, openflow and nfv through the integrated network control layer, so as to realize the integrated management of resources

in addition, H3C has built an open VCF system through API, SDK and other means to help partners and users in China's plastic machinery market more easily participate in the application process of sdn/nfv, so as to achieve open innovation and win-win cooperation

currently, H3C is sparing no effort to promote the application and innovation of sdn/nvf. For example, H3C fully supports the National University SDN application innovation and development competition, and H3C SDN solutions help Unicom build a smart city cloud platform. In the future, H3C will also actively explore in the sdn/nfv field to promote the development of network technology application in China

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