The development trend of inverter in 2010 is still

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In 2010, the development trend of frequency converter is still changing

with the rapid development of frequency conversion technology and the expansion of product functions, frequency converter has been developed and applied in modern industries such as cement, elevator, printing and electric power, as well as in fields such as medicine, communication, transportation, electric power, electronics and environmental protection. Almost all industries of the national economy are inseparable from frequency converter. China, with sustained and high-speed development, is a rare development opportunity for the global inverter industry and the problems that should be paid attention to in the maintenance of electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

current situation of inverter market

at present, the four hot issues restricting China's economic development are oil, electricity, coal and transportation. Coal transportation and electricity, in turn, is an economic chain of mutual restriction and coordinated development. Therefore, in the next few years, energy conservation, electricity conservation and environmental protection will be put on the work agenda of the government, and more importantly, will be put on the work agenda of enterprise groups. For thermal power, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries, power saving is also coal saving, environmental protection, and one of the effective ways to reduce costs. Therefore, the tide of energy saving will gradually come, and it will also provide a market opportunity for the manufacturing industry of medium and high voltage frequency converters (including imported and domestic). Therefore, many enterprises are investigating, developing and pilot producing medium voltage frequency converters

growth trend

China's high-voltage inverter manufacturers should respond to the equipment. The software control system market is still in the early stage of growth, and has the characteristics of the early stage of growth market:

the market scale is growing rapidly and has great potential. At present, the market has entered a steady and rapid development channel, and is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of 35%-40% before 2010

the product is still immature, and the technology is constantly developing and improving. At present, major manufacturers, especially domestic manufacturers, are constantly breaking through new products with higher power and more functions, and striving to improve the stability of products. The product is still far from mature

the competition is fierce, the pattern is still unstable, and a large number of new entrants are still eyeing it. In the high-speed growth of the market, with the different growth conditions of various manufacturers in the industry and the continuous influx of new manufacturers, the market pattern shows that the N-t and J-T curves may change greatly

product prices are gradually declining. In the high-voltage inverter market, past performance is an important weight to gain recognition from new customers. In order to achieve performance, new entrants often obtain customers by reducing prices or even EMC. Therefore, with the intensification of competition and the entry of new entrants, the overall market price is declining

there are still a considerable number of users who do not recognize the product, but the acceptance level of users is constantly improving. From the point of view of the user end, whether it is metallurgy, building materials, mining, petroleum and petrochemical, electric power and municipal administration, it is more in the stage of trial use and promotion, which is far from the real popularization and large-scale application

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