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High quality and non-toxic is the development trend of dairy packaging printing ink

the rapid development of dairy industry and the improvement of dairy packaging quality will certainly stimulate the development of printing ink towards high quality and non-toxic

the printing ink for milk powder packaging will be upgraded free of charge throughout its life. In the future, the technology development direction will focus on benzene free ink. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, this kind of ink is likely to become the mainstream of printing ink in the next few years. In addition, at present, some ink manufacturers are also studying more environmentally friendly water-based plastic printing. 2. Managers take the lead in changing the style of ink and have entered the trial printing stage

liquid dairy packaging printing ink for liquid dairy packaging materials needs further research. The characteristics are different. Paper plastic aluminum or paper plastic materials are the main packaging materials for aseptic packaging of dairy drinks. In the near future, the printing of paper plastic aluminum or paper plastic packaging materials will be the first to realize all water-based ink printing. PE film and coextrusion PE film packaging printing ink have been basically replaced by polyurethane surface printing ink in recent years

on the basis of the development of ink from benzene solvent-based ink to benzene free ink and the availability of water-based printing ink products, it is not long before dairy packaging printing ink enters the era of benzene free ink and water-based ink

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