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Development status and Prospect of China's packaging and printing industry (Part I)

over the years, China's packaging and printing industry has experienced a process from slow development to rapid development, from closed workshop and manual operation to modernization and industrialization. Especially since the reform and opening up, China's packaging and printing workers are working under the scorching sun and the brush industry has made great progress. Now China's packaging industry has to timely check whether there is oil leakage at the oil source. It has basically changed the backward situation of "first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices", and has stood out from the whole printing industry. It has the fastest development speed, the largest number of enterprises and the largest coverage area

I. Development Status and existing problems of China's packaging and printing industry

1. status quo

after years of efforts, China's packaging and printing industry has approached the international advanced level, with first-class design talents and means, first-class printing equipment and products, and broad market and development potential. In terms of enterprise scale, there are already a number of large-scale enterprises and enterprise groups with annual sales of more than billion yuan in China, and there has been a situation of three pillars of dominance among state-owned backbone enterprises, emerging township enterprises and Sino foreign joint ventures; And continue to develop healthily and in the ascendant

2. existing problems

at present, China's packaging and printing industry has made great progress, but at the same time, we should clearly understand the current situation faced by our packaging and printing industry: "scattered, small and low". Scattered: scattered enterprises, technical forces, production capacity and qualifications; Small: small overall scale, small production capacity, small market development capacity: low: low production efficiency, low labor productivity, low application of new technologies, and low reserve savings for enterprise development

(1) the application and promotion of new technologies are insufficient, and the manufacturing level of domestic packaging and printing equipment needs to be improved, which seriously affects the development of packaging and printing industry. For example, new technologies such as direct plate making and digital printing are not widely used in the packaging and printing industry; The high-end equipment required for packaging printing, such as high-speed offset printing machine, high-speed gravure printing machine, plate making machine (CTP), satellite wide flexographic printing machine, high-speed commercial rotary machine, etc., cannot be produced in China. The domestic packaging printing equipment has low technical content and few products with independent intellectual property rights, which cannot meet the needs of industry development

(2) low ability to develop new products and technologies. Nationally, the scientific research and development capacity of packaging and related industries is low, and the scientific research institutions are quite weak. Therefore, it is not necessary to regularly check the temperature, vibration and internal wires of electromechanical equipment. There is an authoritative and real scientific research and development institution, and the "combination of production, learning and research" is not enough. Therefore, it is not enough to produce results and talents. The new technology, new product development and technological innovation of the whole industry have not formed a strong joint force

(3) there is a gap between some printing equipment, equipment, raw materials and auxiliary materials and foreign countries, and they still need to be imported. The printing equipment has few functions and the level of automation and intelligent control is low; Poor stability and reliability. The supply and demand of medium and low-grade products are unbalanced or supply exceeds demand, and high-grade equipment mainly depends on imports. There are many kinds of printing equipment. The overall gap is that the varieties are incomplete, and the product performance and quality are poor. High grade equipment mainly depends on imports, and some equipment is still blank in China. At present, although there are many domestic raw and auxiliary materials required by the packaging and printing industry, domestic ones cannot meet the requirements and still need to be imported in large quantities if they want to print and package high-end products

(4) the irrational regional distribution structure is quite obvious. The packaging and printing industry in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta is relatively developed, while the packaging and printing industry in the western region and small and medium-sized cities lags behind

(5) the quality of labor force is not high, and there is a lack of professionals

at present, among the workforce, the number of technicians with higher education and technical titles is lower than the average level of the whole industrial enterprises in China, and the number of personnel engaged in specialized technology development is less than 0.6. The lack of specialized management personnel in the packaging industry not only seriously restricts the improvement and development of the overall quality of the packaging and printing industry, but also weakens the competitiveness with the international industry. At present, many colleges and universities in China have successively set up packaging and printing majors, which has cultivated many excellent and outstanding talents for China's printing industry. It is believed that this problem will be alleviated in the near future

(6) lack of effective supervision mechanism. The rapid development of market economy can also meet the aesthetic needs of consumers for product appearance, which leads to the rapid expansion of packaging and printing. The low-level disorderly competition and the repeated introduction of intangible waste lack certain restriction and supervision. The State Council has issued the regulations on the administration of the printing industry, which has very clear provisions on packaging and printing enterprises and products. We hope to take this opportunity to give full play to the management functions of national competent departments and industry associations, form a social management mechanism and promote the healthy development of this industry

(7) sustainable development, resource conservation and recycling of renewable resources have not attracted enough attention. If effective measures can be taken to strengthen the recycling work and improve the recycling rate, it will not only be conducive to the reuse of resources, but also to environmental protection, effectively protect the ecological environment and make due contributions to sustainable development

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