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The acceleration of hydropower development in 2020 will be at least 320million kW


zhangguobao, director of the national energy administration, said recently that it will be difficult to achieve China's 2020 energy conservation and emission reduction goals promised to the international community if a number of new hydropower projects are not promptly started. Zhangguobao said that according to the preliminary plan, the installed capacity of hydropower should reach 380million kW by 2020, including more than 330million kW of conventional hydropower and 1.15 trillion kwh of annual power generation

on June 27, luqizhou, general manager of China Power Investment Group, attended the "2010 China Green Industry Forum" and said that "to achieve the goal that non fossil energy accounts for 15% of primary energy consumption by 2020, China needs to have at least 320million kW of installed hydropower capacity... From 2010 to 2015, about 120million kW of construction needs to be started."


the logic behind the acceleration of hydropower development - temporary bottleneck of new energy: we believe that the important reason to further promote hydropower development is that the development of new energy (including wind power, solar energy and nuclear power) faces temporary bottleneck factors. The short-term bottleneck of wind power lies in the fact that the speed of power construction lags behind the speed of wind power expansion (including energy storage depth of no less than 30cm, compensation, control, etc.), which results in insufficient power consumption capacity of wind power; In terms of nuclear power, considering the AP1000 localization rate, uranium reserves and safety guarantee, the development is based on the principle of robustness, and the 2020 installed capacity target will not be raised too high for the time being; Solar energy still needs efforts to reduce costs and improve economy. Therefore, the heavy task of emission reduction naturally overwhelms hydropower. In the first half of this year, the national energy administration plans to publish the first draft of the 12th Five year energy plan for discussion. One of the basic ideas of the plan is to promote hydropower development

with the support of policies, the project approval began to speed up, and the installed capacity target was raised to 320million. In the first half of this year, the speed of hydropower approval began to accelerate. In, the total installed capacity of conventional hydropower approved by the state was only 14.07 million KW, with an average annual capacity of less than 5million kW. In the first half of this year, the number of hydropower projects approved has reached 5million kilowatts. The construction period of hydropower is about years. Therefore, cold and hot temperature impact test shall be completed for newly-built water; Load wiring test parts can be added from the test hole; Before the experiment, according to the requirements of combating energy, the construction of electricity must be started before 2015 in order to play the role of energy conservation and emission reduction in 2020. At present, the installed capacity of hydropower is 197million kW. Therefore, in order to achieve the installed capacity target of 320million or even higher, the hydropower projects that will produce the indication error of friction force in the next six years will be at least 120million kW, that is, the average annual capacity in the next six years will be 20million kW

the problem that hydropower destroys the ecology is not an absolute problem. There is more hype: at present, there is a view in the market that hydropower development is the culprit of ecological destruction along the river basin. We believe that this method of seeing the present and reviving the past is biased. Any form of energy has both advantages and disadvantages. The impact of hydropower on the environment can be improved through a series of measures, so it should not be an absolute problem. The national level has also begun to reduce the impact of hydropower development on the ecology. As zhangguobao put it, "while promoting hydropower development," we should speed up technological innovation of environmental protection in hydropower construction, study and solve the problems of ecological water use, low-temperature water, fish migration, wild animal and plant protection in hydropower construction, make overall plans and scientifically select the project construction plan. " Investment proposal n: look for the most flexible beneficiary - Equipment Manufacturing: we believe that under the background of the acceleration of hydropower development, the hydropower equipment manufacturing enterprises are the ones that directly benefit from the greatest flexibility. According to the calculation that the unit kilowatt cost of hydropower equipment is 1100~1200 yuan, the equipment market capacity corresponding to 120million kilowatts in the next six years will reach 130~140 billion yuan, with an average annual capacity of about 21~23 billion yuan

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