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The porch is the first impression, so its decoration should not be underestimated. How to create a perfect porch and greatly upgrade your first impression? Wuhan home improvement network small editor tells you skills

1 the lighting of the living room porch is better, but most residential porches have no natural light source, so we must pay more attention to lighting. Except that the interval should be made of relatively transparent frosted glass, most of the living room porches have no outdoor natural light, so indoor lights should be used to remedy it, such as installing lights

2. The interval of the porch of the living room should be solid below to prevent leakage, and mainly transparent above. Therefore, transparent frosted glass or hollow Bogu frame can be used

3. The porch of the living room should be kept clean and refreshing. If too many sundries are piled around, it will not only make the living room look messy, but also have an impact on residential Feng Shui. In winter, the porch of the living room is messy and dark, and the whole room will appear crowded and depressed. Some geomantic objects, such as kylin, can be placed on it

4. It is best to use neutral and warm colors on the walls of the porch, which can give people a soft and comfortable feeling, so that people can quickly forget the chaos of the external environment and appreciate the warmth of home

5. The furniture placed in the porch should not affect the owner's access. If the living room area is small, you can use low cabinets, shoe cabinets and other furniture to expand the storage space. You can also achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone by refitting furniture, such as changing the floor furniture into a hanging display rack, or making the low cabinet into an open hanging wardrobe, which increases practicality and saves space at the same time

6. While considering the functionality, the decoration of the porch should not be ignored. Even a small pot of daisies, a group photo of family members, and a scenic painting with artistic conception can set off an extraordinary effect for the porch

7. The materials of the porch floor should be wear-resistant and easy to clean. If you want to make the area of the porch different from the living room, you can choose to lay floor tiles with different colors from the living room. You can also raise the floor of the porch and make a small slope at the connection with the living room, so as to highlight the special position of the porch

for the decoration of the living room and porch in winter, avoid the guests from having a panoramic view of the whole room as soon as they enter the door, that is, decorate appropriately at the entrance, but the decoration methods used in different styles are different, and there are corresponding decorative elements for different styles. For example, modern European style can be achieved through the collocation of European style wall lights, fireplaces, or crystal lights. Chinese style can be reflected through the collocation of elements such as window flowers, Chinese lattice, furniture, etc





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