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Many friends buy a house for the first time in their life, and they are not very clear about the contents of the new house decoration. Therefore, Xiaobian will popularize the contents of house decoration with you today

the whole decoration can be completed in three parts: water and electricity foundation engineering, masonry and carpentry work, paint, floor cabinet and other finished products installation period

1 Hydropower foundation engineering

commencement disclosure: the first door-to-door disclosure of the supervisor

knocking on the wall, wall changes, rotating holes

preliminary survey of the cabinet: mainly the design layout, switch socket positioning

hydropower slotting: strong and weak current positions, water pipe direction

hydropower construction and laying: cement can be filled after acceptance

hydropower acceptance: one of the node acceptance, the second door-to-door service of the supervisor

sealing balcony doors and windows: if the water is inverted, Need to paste ceramic tiles or after treatment,

waterproof treatment: do waterproof test (generally the new house has been waterproof, for the sake of insurance, the customer will do it again)

anti theft door installation: fill the cement in the door frame, construct by your own workers

kitchen electricity, sink: kitchen electricity is prepared for the second measurement of the cabinet, and it can be delivered before measurement

faucet purchase: determine the required style

2 Bricklaying and carpentry work

tile laying: notify the manufacturer to deliver goods within three to seven days before laying tiles

shower room measurement: measure the shower room after the tiles are pasted, install the bathtub without skirt when laying tiles

cabinet secondary measurement: after the kitchen tiles are pasted, do the secondary measurement of the kitchen cabinet

door and window cover production, or arrange measurement: some of this process involves the base treatment of the door cover

kitchen and bathroom ceiling measurement, Design of kitchen and bathroom appliances: it is necessary to book in advance or integrate the

hall with businesses, ceiling of the room: wooden keel frame, gypsum board cladding, self construction by workers

floor keel laying: if the floor is installed by the manufacturer, the keel can be directly laid by the manufacturer before installation

wardrobe and other household appliance frames

background wall, porch

kitchen and bathroom ceiling installation: all inclusive construction by businesses

customized sliding door, Measurement of wall cabinet: the measurement can be carried out after the frame is completed

wood mud acceptance: the second of node acceptance, the third service of supervision

3 Paint, floor cabinet and other finished products installation period

wall batch wall treatment

shower room installation: Merchants door-to-door installation

wood paint construction

latex paint construction

paint acceptance: the third node acceptance, the fourth service of the supervisor. Paint acceptance is after the wall batch and before the upper coating

cabinet installation, kitchen appliance installation

floor laying

sliding door, closet installation

door installation: finished doors are installed at this stage, For example, if the door pocket is made on site, the customized door should be installed before the wood paint. The installation of bathroom cabinet: the outlet position of bathroom cabinet, faucet and water pipe should be determined during the installation of water and electricity.

hardware pendant installation

switch socket installation

lamp installation

completion acceptance: the fourth node acceptance, the fifth service of the supervisor

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