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Shengbaibang platform is a comprehensive service platform integrating product R & D/production units, urban service providers, urban dealers, special decoration designers and other links

shengbaibang platform

shengbaibang platform is a comprehensive service platform integrating product R & D/production units, urban service providers, urban dealers, special decoration designers and other links. The partners who join the platform can realize a high degree of mutual benefit sharing and greatly improve the operating efficiency through novel intelligent tool configuration and advanced benefit sharing mechanism

the e-commerce network under shengbaibang is the central nervous system for the operation of the platform. It integrates multiple functions such as "product display, intelligent screening, transaction payment, management and settlement, interactive communication, big data statistical analysis and so on". It can assist partners at all levels to realize digital operation and precise operation, so that the wall covering business can enter the E-era in advance

shengbaibang e-commerce network

1 Display function: tens of thousands of assorted products are displayed here, which is the largest product resource library in the industry. It can meet the selection needs of different customers at one time

2. Screening function: customers can screen products through classification of style, process, price, applicable place, etc., quickly locate and select required products

3. Transaction function: service providers, dealers, designers and ordinary customers can register on the platform network and submit orders to realize transactions, which is convenient and fast

4. Settlement function: service providers, dealers and designers can clearly understand the corresponding revenue at the platform network port, and automatically realize revenue settlement through the network

5. Communication function: any user registered on the network platform can communicate and interact with the object they need to communicate through their own port

6. Statistical function: it can realize the classified statistical analysis of various transaction big data, and provide directional guidance for customers' business operation or product selection

7. Easy to operate: easy to register (through computer, Android or OIS mobile terminal), convenient to use (anyone can operate according to the instructions)

8. Online 3D: the latest intelligent 3D technology, which can be designed by DIY, and can be successfully rendered in 10 seconds with one click dragging; 720 degree VR panoramic roaming. Accurate selection of goods is no longer a problem

9. Designer world: it is a free online communication space for registered users and registered decoration designers, and the platform is obligated to meet their own needs

shengbaibang's nine innovations

online and offline synchronous operation - give full play to online functions and attract high-quality customers for physical store operations

provide richer patterns - 5000 colors in 2016, 10000 colors in 2017, richer patterns and styles

provide the latest styles - a professional design team of hundreds of people, let product updates always lead the trend

provide new electronic versions - the electronic versions of new products are delivered synchronously, The king of fast and efficient efficiency

provides an intelligent 3D system - one click drag and drop can be successfully operated, which helps customers select products efficiently and accurately

provides a full product QR code - all products have corresponding real scene 3D codes, entering the era of digital sales

provides photo level flower bitmap - each product has a corresponding photo level high-definition flower bitmap, free supply

provides private customization services - can customize products for customers, Meet the needs of customers with different preferences

advanced profit sharing mechanism - realize the benefit sharing of partners, you have me and I have you, and jointly improve the whole process support of


whole process financial support - provide certain financial support from the aspects of service store decoration, market publicity, industry customer explosion, community promotion, activity organization, etc

full process technical support - provide full process support and assistance to partners' publicity and promotion, management system construction, staff training, activity organization and implementation, etc

full process resource support - through the integration of social resources such as large industry associations and large institutions, the actual sales force is formed to support the in-depth development of partner business

whole process promotion support - the platform will systematically publicize and promote the image of enterprises and products throughout the year through national industrial exhibitions and wide-ranging public media

whole process data support - through the big data function of the network system, provide business guidance from a higher dimension and more targeted, and help partners improve business results

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