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It is very important for the elderly to enjoy high-quality sleep in their limited sleep time! When decorating the house for the elderly, we should consider all aspects, including doors and windows

"an old family is like a treasure". Filial piety is a fine virtue inherited by the Chinese nation for thousands of years. When parents are getting older, white hair is getting more and more day by day, wrinkles are deepening a little, and the back of the waist is no longer straight. As long as we have the ability, we should try our best to create a comfortable and livable living environment for elderly parents, so that they can enjoy their old age

when decorating the house for the elderly, we should consider all aspects, including doors and windows, which should also be designed reasonably, and do a good job in several details:

quiet and warm

generally speaking, the elderly like quiet, because in their later years, affected by factors such as slow metabolism, reduced brain and nerve activity, organ aging, etc., sleep time will be reduced. Therefore, it is very important for the elderly to enjoy high-quality sleep in the limited sleep time! "Quiet and warm" should be considered as the first element when decorating the elderly's house

to create a quiet and warm old people's room, we need to choose doors and windows with excellent sound insulation and noise reduction performance - Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, create a multi cavity structure with aviation grade silicon titanium magnesium aluminum alloy profiles, and configure automobile grade EPDM foam composite adhesive strips and automobile grade hollow tempered glass, so as to improve the sealing, sound insulation and noise reduction, and water resistance to the industry-leading level

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows are highly in line with the quiet and warm quality demands of the elderly's room, which can not only allow the elderly at home to enjoy high-quality sleep, but more importantly, it perfectly fits the mentality of the elderly: people have experienced all kinds of things in the world in their old age, and their hearts have already become calm, calm, restless, indisputable, and floating. Only a peaceful living space can they reach the most beautiful realm of life

transparent and spacious

the life state of the elderly after retirement is usually the same as that of Su Daqiang. They are idle at home, wear presbyopic glasses, read newspapers, understand current affairs, repair flowers and plants, raise fish, or occasionally invite old friends to come, write poems against each other, drink tea and play chess

in view of the decline in the eyesight of the elderly, lighting must be done well in the decoration of the elderly house, and floor to ceiling windows are a good plan. Adhering to the architectural design concept of "less is more", Xinhaoxuan doors and windows increase the proportion of insulating glass, with simple design and smooth lines, which can meet the multi angle corner design, present the "large screen" of doors and windows, and create a clear, bright and spacious living space

easy to walk

if the physiological function of the elderly decreases, they need to go to the toilet frequently. Therefore, in addition to sound insulation, noise reduction and transparent lighting, the doors and windows of the elderly room should also be convenient for the elderly to walk

Xinhaoxuan Stuttgart 78 high performance system door pays attention to the actual demands of users, and introduces the barrier free low sill design, which not only greatly improves the sealing and waterproof performance, but also avoids the hidden danger of high threshold and easy kicking, and even allows the wheelchair of the elderly to move smoothly

the aging face of parents records the long and difficult years they have gone through. When parents are aging, it is the wish of every child to let them spend their old age in peace

a reasonably designed system door and window, a comfortable and livable house, make children more at ease, and parents live more comfortable and at ease





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