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Runcheng Chuangzhan adheres to the tenet of "running a first-class enterprise, creating a famous brand, surviving with quality and developing with science and technology", and adheres to market demand as the guide, product innovation as the means, and customer satisfaction as the goal

Xiaobian once had a dream, that is, to own a big villa and live in the suburbs, and then live a carefree seclusion life

if you want to realize it, you must first think about the interior design of the villa. When you have money, buy it immediately

many people will look through various magazines for inspiration, occasionally inspired, but there is no substantive inspiration. After all, many furniture are difficult to buy the same type, but I still feel different when I find the same one, which is uncomfortable

sofa is very special, but it is difficult to find

cabinets are simple and not simple, but where to find a suitable place for your own space

the placement of lockers is just right, but where to find the right size

so, Xiaobian still feels that he should find his own company's design scheme to find inspiration. This is a newly released large villa in the style of modern light luxury. Xiaobian has been looking forward to it for a long time

art is inspired by colorful life

the huge floor to ceiling window is two floors high. The first and second floors are not separated by ceilings, but are separated by corridors, which to a certain extent enhances the visual space. The placement of green plants adds vitality

a partition is set between the dining room and the living room, which adds a touch of delicate and flexible artistic conception. The color collision of pillows and the decoration of hanging pictures all reflect the inspiration impact of designers

"food is the most important thing for the people". The ancients honestly didn't deceive me. How can the design of the dining room be casual. Eating is a kind of fun and enjoyment. Without a comfortable environment, it is not easy to carry out major events in life

the dining room is not suitable for the dark style. It should be bright and warm. The beige seats, bright yellow pillows, warm lights and transparent windows all reflect the warmth and comfort of the dining room. If you like wine collection, you can set up a glass cabinet at the back to store your favorite wine

study, also known as family studio, is a space for reading, writing, as well as amateur study, research and work. It is not only an extension of the office, but also a part of family life. The duality of the study makes it in a unique position in the family environment

the study needs to be set up in a place with sufficient light. Put oneortwo pots of green plants on the desk to relieve tired eyes. However, how can there be less bookcases in the study? The selection and placement of bookcases also pay attention to skills. The height of the bookcase is the best to the top, and the width depends on the size of the space. Then there is the type of bookcase, whether it is an ordinary one-time type or a duobaoge like type. The one-time design is simple, but the duobaoge type is more beautiful, which brings a little rebellion to the orderly life

this is the corridor on the second floor. Put lockers and hang pictures at the intersection leading to the bedroom to create an exquisite, so that the corridor will not be empty and deserted

the line details of the bedroom extend from the facade to the top, and the window view is introduced, which makes the connection between living life and nature more close. The main yellow tone makes the base of purity, simplicity and simplicity more energetic and vibrant

the dressing table is backed by marble, and UV color plates are used as the background wall on both sides, which is transparent without losing atmosphere


have a texture like marble and a gray tone. They are synonymous with high-end atmosphere and the pursuit of fashion

marble series rc-1739

"Na" is a tolerant mentality and a tolerant mood, which allows the aura of all things to gather; "Happiness" is the state of life and the mentality of life; "Di" means home, giving people a feeling of stable, rich and calm home

One day, I will wake up in a sunny morning and quietly listen to the crisp birds outside the window. How comfortable it is to wake up





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